Wristbands, Passes & Lanyards

We are able to supply Lanyards & UK Wristbands at the most competitive price. Lanyards can be delivered quickly printed up to full colour print. Breakaways and various clips available. Please state width of Lanyard required I.e 12mm 15mm etc, if print is 1 or 2 sides and lead times. Bespoke colours, and attachments are available too. UK Wristbands are a cheap way to ID someone or prove payment. From 5p upwards for Wax paper, plastic or vinyl all with security tabs.

LANYARDS       Lanyards

Proforma supplies a range of Lanyards. Chose from Materials, widths, Length, attachments. Screen Printed or Heat Transferred. We also have a Green range with Fair Trade Cotton and Bamboo among the options. Competitive prices with quick Lead times. We produce in Excess of 2 Million Lanyards each year.

FLASHING WRISTBANDS       Flashing Wristbands

These can be times with the music or simply flashing. Ideal for Evening Events and Children’s Concerts.

PLASTIC WRISTBANDS       Plastic Wristbands

A wider face wristband in many colours and styles. Including Glitter, Pastel and Neon. Printed 1 side. Security release so can not be used again.

SLAPPER WRISTBANDS       Slapper Wristbands

A fun Product in Silicon, Plastic or Material. Flourecent colours also available

TYVEK WRISTBANDS       Tyvek Wristbands

Wax Paper printed wristbands. A cheaper solution. Many Colours and Quick lead time.

SILICON WRISTBANDS       Silicon Wristbands

Quick Lead times and many options. Debossed, Embossed or Printed Silcon Wristbands and Rings.

FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS       Friendship Bracelets

A great collectors items. Can be Weaved or printed. Great Effect and simple to use.

FABRIC WRISTBANDS       Fabric Wristbands

Ideal for Festivals and Events. A keepsake too.

SWEATBANDS       Sweatbands

Sweatbands are always Fashionable. Many Effects possible including Embroidery, Print, Plastic Print. All sizes made and Headbands too. Using Cotton or Velour.

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